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Oneyu (decensored).zip [Extra Quality]

I apologies to those who have downloaded the game and found the .zip file to be password protected. I have uploaded a new file that has no password but for those who already had download the old .zip file. Here is the password to that .zip file.

Oneyu (decensored).zip

Download Zip:

Recently the Neo Geo BIOS was updated to add a new version of the Universe BIOS. This was done between 0.171 and 0.172, and results in an error trying to load Neo Geo games with an un-updated set.

This also affects the Humble Bundle set: the games themselves are correct and up to date as of MAME 0.173 (and most likely will remain so) though you'll have to pull the ROM set .ZIP files out of the package somehow yourself. However, the Neo Geo BIOS set ( included in the Humble Bundle set is incomplete as of the 0.172 release of MAME. 041b061a72

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