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Pasadenas Riding On A Train Torrent

2006 pontiac torrent - 500 miles on car - ambient temp 35 degrees f - defroster on high for approximately 10 minutes - vehicle equipped with auto dim rvm with temp and compass - mirror attach to windshield failed - mirror shot toward passenger compartment only restrained by wire harness - windshield delaminated at mounting point of inside mirror - layer of glass remained attached to mirror mount - windshield then cracked approx 20" in all directions from failure - on highway at 55 mph - startled - pulled off to see if w/s hit from exterior - no impact on exterior - failure appears to be a delamination at mirror mount possibly due to coefficient of expansion differences between mirror mount and windshield. *jb

Pasadenas Riding On A Train Torrent

tl* the contact owns a 2006 pontiac torrent. the contact stated while driving 25 mph and riding over a bump in the road there would be a popping noise coming from the corner of the right front instrument panel. the vehicle had not been taken to the dealer. the manufacturer had not been contacted. the failure mileage was 45,000. updated 09/15/11*lj updated 09/23/11*jb 350c69d7ab

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