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What is Windows 10 Download 2018 and Why You Should Get It Now

If you are accessing this page from a non-English language version and want to see the most up-to-date content, please select Read in English at the top of this page. You can download different languages from the US-English version site by selecting available languages.

On November 13, 2018, we re-released the Windows 10 October Update (version 1809), Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server, version 1809. We encourage you to wait until the feature update is offered to your device automatically. A summary of the current status of the October Update can be found below.

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Today, once you update to the next release of Windows 10, DirectX Raytracing will work out-of-box on supported hardware. And speaking of hardware, the first generation of graphics cards with native raytracing support is already available and works with the October 2018 Windows Update.

As of 2pm PST today, this update is now available to the public. As with all our updates, rolling out the October 2018 Update will be a gradual process, meaning that not everyone will get it automatically on day one.

I would also like to remind our users that with the general availability of SQL Server Management Studio 18, any previous versions of SSMS will become unsupported as per our support policy. I strongly urge you to update to SSMS 18 and enjoy all the goodness that it brings. SSMS is also updatable via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) so if you work at an organization that does not allow direct downloads, you can have the update pushed through WSUS.

The last Windows 10 feature update rollout, the April 2018 Update, utilized machine learning (ML) to identify devices that were ready to update, incorporating key attributes like compatibility data. By leveraging machine learning we were able to safely rollout quickly, and as a result the April 2018 Update is now the most widely used version of Windows 10. Further, our artificial intelligence/ML targeted rollout approach led to the lowest call and online support requests for any release of Windows 10.

With the October 2018 Update, we are expanding our use of machine learning and intelligently selecting devices that our data and feedback predict will have a smooth update experience. We will be further enhancing the performance of our machine learning model by incorporating more device signals such as improved driver telemetry and weighting of key features such as anti-malware software as we broaden the phased rollout. As we did with the April 2018 Update, we will be proactively monitoring all available feedback and update experience data, making the appropriate product updates when we detect issues, and adjusting the rate of rollout as needed to assure all devices have the best possible update experience.

Smaller downloads: In the October Update we are introducing a new update package delivery design for monthly quality updates that creates a compact update package for easier and faster deployment. Users will benefit from the new small update size when installing applicable quality updates as they are 40% more efficient.

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