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Rape Mod Gta 5

After the Rape mod surfaced many media outlets have contacted Rockstar, the developer of the action-adventure game, GTA 5 Online for comments. But Rockstar has not made any comments on the accusations that many of them are being raped in-game by unknown characters, VGN reported.

rape mod gta 5


Players are recording the virtual rape on their computers, and uploading it to YouTube, as well as other popular social media networks. Through these videos it is abundantly clear to see that virtual rape is indeed occurring in the game.

There are no bonuses or health points awarded to anyone who rapes the most women or kills the most prostitutes. In fact, all the sexual acts in the game are consensual, so rape does not exist in GTA V. To advance in the game, you do not need to commit a single act of sexual violence or murder. Players that do these things are acting on their own free will. If you run around in a Minecraft server bashing other players with an axe, does it mean Minecraft encourages assault with a deadly weapon?

if rockstar had made players able to rape one another in the game it would not be rated M it would have to be rated something else probably would not even have been released until they took it out if they ever planned on putting rape in the game. rape is much too obscene more obscene than anything intended to be in the game if you don't understand why then you are very ignorant.

yea the hot coffee thing but that is because they had like the files made for the sex stuff while in the rape mod it is using a humping animation from the campaign used to rape so its not something rockstar made. the hot coffee thing is something rockstar should have taken out because they put in the code and the only way to access it was by modding or something but that meant rockstar put it in so the rating would take that into account while rockstar did nothing to put rape in the game.

I agree with JoeBoneless. Think about real life sexual assault victims who play GTA. There probably aren't that many, but think about how offensive that would be to get raped in GTA and the memories it would bring up. Video games are supposed to be about fun not bringing up memories that scar some people for life.

Even while the disturbing, trophy YouTube videos of game rape are popping up, many players seem disturbed by the trend. Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez spoke with Reddit user "mrerikmattila", who described an attack from a stranger.

This "rape trolling" is a symptom of a larger problem that GTA set up for itself long ago: pervasive and flippant attitudes toward sexual ownership. Players previously relished in the idea of being able to treat prostitutes and strippers like property, and game designers made it part of the fun.

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