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Where Can I Buy A Battery For My Samsung Phone

In late 2017, Apple acknowledged it had deliberately and secretly throttled some of its older phones to stabilize performance caused by aging batteries. Starting with iPhone 6 and iOS 11.3 you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to find a tool that reveals significant information about the current condition of your battery, and recommends if a battery should be replaced. You can also disable the performance management feature, though you may risk unexpected shutdowns if your battery is degraded.

where can i buy a battery for my samsung phone

Worse is, the degradation of deep discharge escalates the further the battery is in its life cycle. The older your phone is, the more your unhealthy charging habit damages your battery.

Well I have a question, previously without the knowledge about the battery health and other things I was really into overcharging my phone and you made my battery health to decrease, is there any way that I can replenish it?

I have had my moto e phone for 6 years. I have always kept my phone between 20-100% charge. Always charge to 100%. Maybe some batteries are different than others. Never had a problem with the battery yet.

Step by step well explained! Also, the writer takes care about what to say or what not to say in this article. I mean people believe some random battery facts like overcharging and leaving the phone connected to the charger is bad. But this guide is all focused on major facts only and that will much benificial for all the readers. Smartphone batteries nowadays are equipped with special built-in protection. Anyways, I am sure applying these methods, tips and tricks, I definitely going to save and extend my mobile battery and you will too. Thank you so much for sharing such a mind-blowing and quality guide with us.

1. Is is the right charging method(20-80)%? Though my phone is Lithiam Polymer..2. Is it normal to charge my phone with the 65 watt charger which is provided by the Manufacturer??3. If I use a less watt charger (18w) then would the battery life of battery health increases????

hi sir! I have a realme 6i phone with 5000mAh Li-Po battery. what percent should i plug it in and what percent should i unplug it? how can i take care of it sir? I usually plug it when it hits 20% and I always unplug it at 90%. is it safe to do that? and can i charge my phone frequently?

Hi, if i am going to leave my phone for a few hours, lets say i am sleeping, should i keep it at 50% or 80%, Samsung says if i am not going to use it, best leave it at 80% or at least 80% and if my battery is at 45 %, is it okay to charge to at least 50% before storing it?

Ok thanks, I have read about charge cycles, If I charge my phone to 90% and then again charge it when it reaches 50%.In other words if I charge my mobile two times a day in this way, how long will my battery lasts, wil lasts for 2years? Is battery timing degrade roughly 20% after 300 charging cycles?

Hi there, and thank you for this wonderful piece of info. I just wanted to know that i read somewhere smart phone manufacturers recalibrate the battery in such a way that if you charge it to 100% its actually charges to 80% of the total capacity. Meaning companies already set the 80% limit and your screen shows it as 100% to prolong battery life. Is it true? Please guide me.And is it good that you use your phone while its plugged in? Like gaming watching videos while its charging?

Hello Charby, Good day. I intend to use my smartphone Xiaomi (4,000mah battery) for four years at least. I appreciate the 80/20 rule but a lot times I feel like charging to 100 lasts me more during the day than 80. If I charge fully to 100% and recharge when it drops to 20% DAILY without in-between top ups(I also heard charging frequently weakens the battery) , will I still have a capable battery lasting a day at that time(in 4 years) or the only way to have a strong battery is 80/20 charging rule? Will the difference be significant? Will charging to 100 make the battery unusable then or it will still be in good condition considering the charging pattern I mentioned? Thanks

1) Avoid charging while playing as it will generate more heat that degrades the battery.2) If charging/playing does heat up your phone significantly, you can remove the casing (if any) to help with heat dissipation.3) Avoid from letting the battery level drop too low (say, below 20%).

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to keeping your phone from overheating. These simple tips go a long way toward prolonging the life of your phone and battery and prevent your phone overheating.

Step 5: Enter the battery level percentage at which your Samsung phone should alert you. Since we want to get full battery alerts, enter 100 and select the Equal to or above option. Press the Done button.

Step 7: Depending on your preference, you can make your phone do a variety of things when the battery is fully charged. For instance, you can make it vibrate, announce that the battery is fully charged, play notification, or activate edge lighting.

Getting full battery notifications on Android phones saves our phones from overcharging. In case the battery on your phone discharges quickly, learn how to fix the battery drain issue on Android phones. Also, check out the best launchers with battery saver features.

When you plug in your phone, electrons enter your phone battery from the power source, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). These electrons attract lithium ions. Think of them as really tiny balls of lightweight metal. They travel inside the battery from the cathode to the anode. This charges the phone battery.

Yes, using dark mode is generally more energy efficient. Dark mode is a feature some phones have where you can make the background of your interface darker colors. The study from Purdue University found that switching to dark mode when your screen is at 100% brightness can save up to almost 50% battery power.

System updates can help your phone use battery energy more efficiently in many ways according to PCMag. For example, some modern operating systems have features that allow your phone to better limit background usage of programs, other updates let your phone control how much battery it uses while charging.

Even when you do everything right, things can still go wrong with your phone. Whether the battery fails due to age, temperature, water damage, or some completely unknown reason, a device protection plan can help you get access to quick replacements, repairs, and technical support.

You may have heard some phone users complain that one power bank or the other damaged their phone and then concluded that power banks damage phone battery. Does using a power bank damage your phone battery?

The company said it has not found a way to tell exactly which phones may endanger users out of the 2.5 million Note 7s already sold globally. It estimated that about 24 out of 1 million units may have a faulty battery.

The phone first launched in 10 markets in North America, Asia and the Middle East. Further roll-outs have occurred since in markets like China, where sales started just this week. Its wider availability, set for coming weeks, is now on hold.

In 2007, the largest battery recall in consumer electronics history took place when Nokia, then the world's top mobile handset maker, offered to replace 46 million phone batteries produced for it by Japanese maker Matsushita Battery. ($1 = 1,117.4300 won)

Most external battery/chargers are inexpensive and work with cell phones and similar items, but I wanted one powerful enough to run my laptop for several hours and that would also charge my phone (at the same time) or Verizon Mifi wireless internet.

What you may want to consider for you next laptop is one with an external battery where you can simply swap the batteries (like your old thinkpad). Having two batteries will reduce the load on your laptop batteries and extend the life of your computer.

I believe it's still the case that typical car dealerships make much more of their money selling parts and service than in selling new cars.That said, repairability depends on the skill of the repairer. Many years ago, I had a cracked screen replaced on my Samsung phone by a local independent shop, and the result was nowhere near "like new". More recently, I had an iphone battery replaced by the Stanford Apple Store and a few weeks after the 30-day repair warranty had expired, so did the battery, bricking the phone.Conversely, quality factory-refurbished phones, such as those from Apple, look and work like new. 3rd party "refurbishers," though, often just clean up the outsides of used phones to resell them as "refurbished".Legislation on this issue should take notice of the complexities.

on the tail side-I cannot get more than 40 much less more than 50 MPG in a non hybrid / non plastic panel or bumpered vehicle. SO, I take my 21st century Prius to the manufacture for service / repair.How much (in tons) of atmospheric carbon dioxide will that save over the life of this car?With a metal case, with a battery door, I think my slim iPhone (7 BTW) would be less sturdy. I like a previous poster advice - by a USED iPhone after 3 years and keep it till it's "service life" (6 years) runs out.My 3G flip-phone still boots up / and has a replacable battery [OH, no bars why is that. : -]

Revealing myself as an old fart here. I really don't want or need my fridge to be able to talk with my cellphone. I don't need to be able to operate home lights remotely. I don't want or need car windows that operate electronically. It's just not that hard to roll down a window.As a woman who is perfectly capable of making repairs, it irritates me to throw out a fifty pound manufactured object because a chip buried in the works has stopped operating. To manufacturers, this changes my view of your brand and its quality for future purchases. It is getting harder and harder to buy anything new that is well built. So I buy older things. I drive a 25-year old car that runs just fine. The Revere Ware pots and pans I use were purchased in the fifties when my mom was setting up her home. My husband bought a digital clock about six years ago that he recently had to throw out and replace because opening it to attempt repair destroyed it. I have a clock that has been in my family for over 200 years that still works, but my 3-yr. old patio umbrella just stopped working in exactly the same way Sherry describes. Annoying.This is one of the areas where capitalism (and the corporate leaders who are making decisions) is really broken and needs regulation. The scale of our landfills, the junk we will leave behind for our kids to deal with, should be an embarrassment to our society. Companies should not be allowed to profit by wasting and junking resources of future generations. Planned obsolescence is an obscene abuse of future generations in the corporate sprint for profit and the consumer sprint for cheap stuff. We all have a role to play in this. Your vintage blender is probably better quality and more fixable that that flashy new one at Walmart. Go online. Fix it. You can save loads. Write a letter to the company that sold you cheap junk to register your irritation. They do listen when enough customers write. And just buy less stuff. Waste not. Want not. 041b061a72

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