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Nostradamus Book In Hindi 21

Nostradamus Book in Hindi 21: A Review of the Famous Prophecies

Nostradamus Book in Hindi 21 is a book that contains the translations and interpretations of the famous prophecies of Nostradamus, the 16th century French seer who predicted many events of the world history. The book is written by Dr. R. P. Singh, a renowned scholar and astrologer, who has done extensive research on the life and works of Nostradamus. The book was published by Diamond Books in 2016 and has 376 pages.


Nostradamus, whose real name was Michel de Nostredame, was born on December 14, 1503 in Saint-Remy, a small village in France. He was a doctor, teacher, and astrologer who wrote a collection of prophecies called Les Propheties, which consists of 12 centuries or 1200 quatrains (four-line verses). He wrote his prophecies in a cryptic and obscure language, using symbols, anagrams, and metaphors to hide the meaning from the uninitiated. He claimed that he received his visions from divine inspiration and that he predicted the events of the world until the year 3797.

Many of his prophecies have been interpreted to refer to various historical and contemporary events, such as wars, plagues, natural disasters, revolutions, assassinations, inventions, and discoveries. Some of his most famous prophecies include the rise and fall of Napoleon, the French Revolution, the World Wars, the atomic bomb, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the rise of Hitler, the September 11 attacks, and the emergence of the Antichrist.

Nostradamus Book in Hindi 21 contains some of the most remarkable and relevant prophecies of Nostradamus for India and the world. The book also provides a brief biography of Nostradamus and explains his method of writing and interpreting his prophecies. The book is divided into four parts:

  • Part One: The Life and Works of Nostradamus

  • Part Two: The Prophecies for India

  • Part Three: The Prophecies for the World

  • Part Four: The Prophecies for the Future

In Part Two, the book presents some of the prophecies that Nostradamus made for India, such as:

  • The assassination of Indira Gandhi: "The exiled woman will return to power. Her enemies will plot against her. After three years of her memorable tenure, she will die around the age of seventy." (Century 6, Quatrain 74)

  • The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: "A great pilot by royal order will leave his profession to become the supreme leader of the country. After seven years of fame, he will meet a dreadful end. A barbarian army will terrorize Venice (Italy). A coal-black woman will disappear suddenly and slowly great people will become angry." (Century 6, Quatrain 75; Century 5, Quatrain 65)

  • The rise and fall of V.P. Singh and Chandra Shekhar: "After a flood there will come a year when two leaders will be elected. The first one will leave power to avoid disgrace. But there will be no other option for the second one. The house that made the first leader will collapse." (Century 9, Quatrain 4)

  • The emergence of Narendra Modi: "A man from Gujarat will rule over India with great glory and justice. He will be loved by all and feared by enemies. He will bring prosperity and peace to the country. He will be assisted by a powerful ally from across the sea." (Century 8, Quatrain 77)

  • The war with Pakistan and China: "India will face two great enemies from the north and west. They will invade its territory with great force and fury. But India will resist bravely and inflict heavy losses on them. A third enemy will try to take advantage of the situation but will fail miserably. India will emerge victorious and gain respect in the world." (Century 10, Quatrain 96)