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Buy Boxing Headgear

The RHG10 is the result of 2 years of evolution and heightened improvements never before seen in the development of a professional headgear. We have worked very closely with some of the best boxers and trainers in the boxing world to bring you a headgear like no other on the market today. A unique adjustment system as well the perfect sized cheek protectors, this is the first headgear to ever incorporate outstanding D3O Technology for that extra security.

buy boxing headgear


Our range of boxing head guards and face shields are built with a high density foam lining that ensures extra protection from impact, while also being breathable and giving you relief from sweat or heat. The wide visor will protect both sides of your face, with side venting allowing air to pass through easily without impacting your visibility. Sting head guards also boast contoured ear cups to provide a great fit alongside maximum impact protection and injury prevention.

Safety is the most important thing in any sport, especially in combat sports. Boxing headgear is a padded helmet, worn on the head by contestants in amateur and Olympic boxing. It effectively protects against cuts, scrapes, and swelling, and reduces the intensity of a strike. The best boxing headgear will reduce the impact of a hit by 40-60% which is ideal especially when training or sparring. Sparring is important because it allows you to use the techniques you've learned and put them into action, one must practice over and over again in order to master something. Sparring allows you to get out that energy and incorporate the new techniques you've learned. So headgear is vital to improving one's skills because it will keep you and your opponent knocked out or badly injured before the actual fight.

Elite Sports headgear are top-notch protective head guards that will protect you from even the most intense adrenaline filled sparring and training sessions. Carefully constructed out of heavy duty PU leather that is reinforced with protective foam with total shock absorption for ultimate protection and longevity. Our protective combat gear is designed to naturally wrap around the shape of your head to offer premium comfort. Regardless of your head space and size, our headgear's adjustability will adapt along with fitting snugly and securely with its sturdy velcro closure strap. Featuring cheek protector for added security, our headgear will provide optimal safety whilst allowing for full visibility. Our headgear is designed to withstand the test of time and the constant abuse through long periods of time without compromising its structural and cosmetic integrity. This headgear isn't only just limited to boxing but is also suitable for MMA, kickboxing, Muay thai, and combat sports alike.

Elite sports offers a variety of colors and designs for different tastes and personalities. You will have the option of the more rounded star series headgear line that boasts our elite brands logo at the forehead along with a cool all-around design. Our standard series boxing headgear offers a more prominent forehead with a less rounded build. Also featuring our brand's vibrant logo at the forehead. color options for these 2 different styles of headgear vary from orange, yellow, brown, blue, black, gray, pink, and red. So if you want to be the best, you must wear the best, and wearing the best means wearing Elite Sports.

I describe comfort as how well the headgear conforms to my head. Some headgear squeezes at the side or at the forehead and back of my head. Others are too slippery or move around too much. Some headgear has a very uneven fit creating small gaps between the headgear and your head making it very wobbly when you take punches.

The back of the head will vary in amount of padding for different headgear. Wide punches often land there so be aware of that if you have a boxing style that takes many punches to the back of the head. (ie: lots of rolling).

I have to clear this up. Training headgear is generally more heavily padded than competition headgear. It offers better protection for all the punches you will take in regular sparring. Competition headgear is generally slimmer and lighter, trading off padding for mobility so you can move your head faster and avoid getting hit entirely (which equates to points scored against you).

Your own headgear will always be adjusted for your head so it fits perfectly everytime. Using the gym headgear can be a hassle because it might not fit right and/or the one you want is currently used by someone else.

would the WINNING FG- 2900 help me if i was to roll with punches or not?What would be the best headgear for a counterpuncher?and would the title traditional training headgear and title boxing face protector training headgear be that very good for me?hope to hear from you soon. A great guide, i enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for the review. I started with an MMA brand headgear that had slim padding and my nose suffered for it. I moved to the Rival full face and what a difference! i really love that headgear and the only gripe I have with it is that it gets heavy as you sweat and your side vision can be somewhat hampered by the great padding. I have been hit hard enough with it to have some bruising around my eyes but I still think it offers a great amount of protection.I have had it for about 7 months now sparring about 1.5-2hrs a week and I have started to notice the forehead is getting a bit soft.The full face is a great headgear and I have been thinking I will try the D30 or the traditional to see how the peripheral vision is. Do you have pic with it on to show the amount of coverage?

Aside from that, the first incarnation of the Title Platinum was my most favorite headgear of all time. It was suede lined and never moved during training without being too tight. I always left the chinstrap buckled, since it had a velcro backing, I just adjusted the back to put on and take off in under 2 seconds each way.

After 10 years, thousands of punches and the top lacing being chewed by the dog, I decided to get the new version of the same headgear BUT it is leather lined and as you mention, way too damn slippery.

Is fight,gears masters division headgear really that good and have that good of padding? Will the thick padding hinder my vision?some people swear buy it but do you think its better to save up and get winning or is the fightgears protectiongood enough? Thank you again for all your advice.

Hi Johnny,If i shoulder roll the chin protection is very irtitating so wich headgear would you recommend with good visibility?Im in South-Africa, so I have to order it! Thank you for making me a better boxer!

i try ordering headgear offline, but i also have a fear of getting the wrong size their is small large and extra large, i dont like going through all the trouble with sending an item back so how will i know between small large or extra large headgear? im thinking about walking into big five and checking the headgear out just for sizing

I just wanted to say that i appreciate your reviews. I did choose to order a rival traditional headgear. very pleased with it. It is still breaking in but is very well made. You should do a review on boxing glove reviews. I feel that it would be helpful to alot of people the same way that this review is. I bought a pair of Hayabusa sparring gloves and they are amazing. Great materials and very well made.

Hey Johnny. Thanks for this blog. Question: Have you heard anything about RIVAL MEXICAN STYLE PRO TRAINING HEADGEAR? I am interested in having good nose protection but do not want to wear full face training headgear. Any recommendations?

hey johnny was up man good review, i just started training in mma a few months ago. i was sparring with the rival d30 headgear but i was always going home with headaches so i purchased fighting sports tri tech headgear and i am still having that problem, so now im thinking of getting the winning 2900 headgear so my question is with your experience using those headgears wich one absorbs impact the best? or is going home with headaches all the time something you have to get use to?

Hello,I am 40 years old, I am training in a boxing gym. I have an old headgear (everlast old school) and I am not satisfied. I got headache a lot . Would please advice me a good headgear with a good padding and cheek protection

Speaking of Winning, has anyone considered the current situation in Japan regarding the Fukushima accident? Many of us at the gym have been considering Winning headgear but recently someone mentioned the Fukushima accident and how it may (or may not) affect products coming out of Japan. At first thought it seemed ridiculous to me to even consider fallout tainted gear but the more I thought about it the more plausible it became.

Just got my Rival D30 Headgear and have to say it is by far the greatest headgear I have laid my hands on! Your review was bang on top quality construction and with enough adjustment to make it fit like a glove. Very pleased cant wait to get in the ring with it! Top website mate keep it up!

Ive starting a ladies only boxing class and the girls are up to a sparring stage so i think ill go with the Rival traditional. Looks great, which they will be happy with for there facebook Photos.. Hmmm!! But more importantly give them good protection. Im sure whats good for men is good for the ladies.. Looking forward to your glove review..

Hello! Thanks for the reviews, i was wondering about no. 11 the title face protector, how does it fair with it protecting your eyes? I recently had an eye injury and almost had a retinal tear (thank god that it was just swelling)I was looking at some Headgears with the face mask on it like a football head gear but since u never tried em i wanted to ask u how much the title headgear protect your eyes? (i trained with competition headgear so it didnt offer much protection)Thank u!!

Fighting in headgear has a slight influence on your fighting style, head movement, and especially on defense, headgear more or less blocks your peripheral vision, and as a result of this you eat slightly more punches than you would without the headgear. Most tradition headgear cannot really protect your brain moving inside your skull after you get hit. 041b061a72

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