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Eye Fi Mobi Sony Rx100 Review

In terms of speed, the Mobi could upload a 5.5MP (2MB) JPEG in approximately 5 seconds. This test was carried out on my iPhone 5, iPad 2 and MacBook Pro, and I came up with approximately the same results on all three. Now, keep in mind that while shooting with the Mobi, I was able to see the image I just took pop up on my mobile device or laptop in around 5 seconds. That's fully uploaded, and not just a preview. And, if 5 seconds was too long, I could always capture a smaller JPEG. When I shot in 'S2' and VGA sizes on my 5D Mark III, the transfer was almost instantaneous. This is the time it took from shutter button to full upload, as there is a slight delay while the Wi-Fi signal transmits. The actual transfer time was much quicker, but I wanted a real-world sample of what can be expected while out in the field.

Eye Fi Mobi Sony Rx100 Review

I could not disagree with a review more than I do with this review based on my personal experience with the 32GB Mobi Pro card I bought recently. A key aspect to the Mobi experience is that the Mobi card connects to your home or studio wi-fi network - uploads images to Mobi in the cloud and then your devices download "automatically" or not images into the eye-fi mobi app on your computer or Ipad etc. Unlike the X2 Pro card, the Eye-fi Mobi Pro card was, in my experience, singularly unreliable in direct mode (ie when you connect to the card's wifi signal directly) AND I have been entirely unable to transfer images from the Mobi Card to my Ipad Pro in the field when there is NO other Internet Connection available. I am on line to a Senior Support Rep in Eyefi Customer Care to determine if I have either a "crap" card OR if I have correctly diagnosed the issue.So - my view is if you want to tether your Ipad Pro in the field away from Internet Connections using Eyefi then Buy the X2Pro

"Except for social media sharing via a phone when you have no laptop handy, I just don't see the point."Setting aside pro photographers who needs to instantly review an enlarged picture of their shots, Geeks like wireless connections...It is the future for them even if it drains batteries of their cameras and mobile devices... ;-)Personally, I give priority to battery life.

So what you get with the Mobi is direct-to-mobile photo and video sharing, with the benefits of a lower price and significantly easier setup than the Pro X2 cards. If you shoot in JPG or RAW+JPG, the Mobi cards represent an easy way to instantly review your photos on a bigger-screened tablet, then edit/share them from your mobile device.

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