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Insaniquarium Deluxe 1.1 Trainer

You may choose to add your genom as a second pet. This does not affect gameplay, it simply adds a few lines of code to the game files. Once you have downloaded your genom you will have to edit the game files of insaniquarium and add it to the player's profile. There are three different ways you can add genoms depending on what device you are on.

Insaniquarium Deluxe 1.1 Trainer


  • To add the genom as a second pet you have to follow one of the three below steps: Open 'Computer' in Windows Explorer, 'Computer\Health\' in Windows Explorer or 'Computer\Documents' in Windows Explorer

  • Double click on 'Insaniquarium_dx'.

  • Open 'insaniquarium.ini' and add '--genomes… to the file.

  • Start insaniquarium and wait for the loading process to complete.

This game has a free first chapter titled "The Jewel of Eden". Once you play it you can access the cloud save feature. During the course of the game you will unlock more characters, pets and weapons for use. The best way to unlock them is to play the game, make your way to the end, saving your game to the cloud. Then you can access the save file, load it into the Insaniquarium Deluxe app, then when you re-enter the game from the cloud you will have the characters, pets and weapons unlocked.

This is a thread I've created to help with some of the issues people are having with insaniquarium, problems downloading and problems getting multiple pets to spawn, there is also a FAQ within the thread.

The gameplay in Insaniquarium doesn't involve a lot of micro-managing per se. Planting trees, which are the most important thing in the game, is the first and most instinctual action a player can do. Once the tree is fully grown, Insaniquarium players will assign it a job, like a lawnmower, or a pump, etc. each with specific uses. Having all of these jobs helps with keeping the game from getting boring. Players also have the ability to assign commands to rabbits, which are the enemies you will be fighting. That way, you can assign actions like Shoot fire rabbit and have the rabbit attack a rabbit-based boss.

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